We’re building something very special to tackle the devastating impact of eating disorders

By working collaboratively with people with eating disorders, carers and multidisciplinary clinical teams across the care continuum, we’re figuring out how to harness the full power of technology to bring a fresh approach in the way we manage, monitor and treat eating disorders

The health of our future society is at risk

1 in 5 children worldwide are at risk of developing an eating disorder such as bulimia, anorexia, or binge eating

Over the last 5 years there has been a surge in hospital admissions related to eating disorders

7m people in the UK and 30m in the US will experience an eating disorder in their lifetime


increase in the US



increase in the UK

7m people in the UK and 30m in the US will experience an eating disorder in their lifetime

Earlier access to high quality care is desperately needed

4 in 5 people with an eating disorder will NOT receive effective treatment

Eating disorder services are filled with incredibly talented clinicians who everyday bring empathy, compassion and respect to individuals and their families impacted by eating disorders. Sadly, these clinicians are overburdened with the significant rise in demand for services which is further exacerbated by a scarcity in certain therapeutic competencies. This has meant eating disorder services and certain treatment options have become largely inaccessible and care stretched to the point where it is very difficult to deliver a high quality service.

The consequences of poor access and availability of effective treatments are devastating, considering that eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of all mental illnesses.

Our digital lab is a hive of activity

Currently we’re building our first eating disorder care tools that will be evaluated in clinical studies starting in Q3 2024.

Soon we’ll unveil what we’ve been working on!